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Fitting Guide

We think our sports bras are the most comfortable you will ever wear - however...Your bra size changes often, even up or down a size. This is mainly due to weight loss, weight gain, pregnancy, menstrual cycle and age. It is important to be fitted by a bra expert/fitter every year  to ensure you have the right fit.

Almost all women have different sized breasts. When selecting a bra, it is always important to select the right fit for the largest breast. To select the correct size,  you will need a tape measure to determine your underbust measurement and your bust measurement.

Underbust Measurement

Measure around  the rib cage, just under the breasts, near the bottom of the bra. This measurement should be firm. Make sure the tape measure is straight all around the body.

Bust Measurement

Measure around the fullest part of the bust. It is better to where a bra (not padded or minimiser) to determine the widest point. Ensure the tape measure is straight all around the body (is not lower down at the back). This measurement should relaxed.

Fit Guide

Use both measurements when referring to the Fit Guide Table to determine your correct size.


Download our Size Chart in PDF format >



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