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sixty4 has developed Compression Minimizer Technology (CMT). With world first, cutting edge technology, sixty4 sports bras are engineered to redistribute breast tissue and contain it as close as possible to the body’s core. This means less breast movement and a lot more comfort.

Understanding Compression Minimiser Technology

Using our expertise in sports bra design and high performance sportswear, we have taken a brand new look at the way breasts are protected during vigorous exercise.

sixty4 sports bras incorporate design technology previously only used in elite level performance gear. Compression and containment are crucial - sixty4 we have achieved this while maintaining great bust shaping.

Our bras have been biomechanically tested at the Flinders Medical Centre in Adelaide, Australia and results showed an unprecedented reduction in breast bounce of up to 60%.

Reduced Breast Arc Movement Through Compression

sixty4 has revolutionized bra construction by rejecting the traditional 'conical' bra cup shape that makes most of them "pointy". During exercise, your breast not only moves up and down, but also side to side. This is the breast arc movement. By reshaping the bra cup, the breast is compressed, and the tissue is redistributed to areas closer to the body.

By doing this a sixty4 sports bra reduces the lateral movement of the breasts and protects them from permanent damage.

With a clever combination of stretch and non-stretch fabrics sixty4 bras deliver comfort and unprecedented support.


sixty4 bra technology

Bust Projection and Shape

sixty4 sports bras create a more natural shape and can reduce projection by a full up size. The breasts feel lighter and are carried closer to the chest. This reduces stress over the shoulder area and less fatigue, especially for large cup sizes.

sixty4 sports bras have no seams over the nipple area... This means you get a great smooth shape under clothes and less irritation over this sensitive part of the body.


sixty4 bra technology

Increased Adjustability and Control of Strap Movement

Bra straps play a major part in keeping the cup in place and ensuring comfort. Strap and back adjustment is a key area of sixty4 design and development. We use a unique Grip Lock Slider that ensures your straps don't get longer while you're running.

sixty4 sports bras offer a range of back adjustment. All bras can change from standard to cross back and we offer extra back panel adjustment length in compression styles.

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